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FOX News
Aug 16, 2009 7:00am EDT
geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. it hard to breathe. but now that i'm breathing better with advair... i can enjoy the zoo with my grandkids. (announcer) for people with copd including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, great news. advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumon
FOX News
Aug 2, 2009 6:00am EDT
you been? anncr: accidents are bad. anncr:but geico's good ding! with onsite windshield replacement. >> welcome back here to "fox & friends." check out your television right now. your shot of the morning. dozens of people may have fallen into the record books in an english warehouse with a trend that's becoming popular. and they're trying to set a world record for mat test dominoes and waiting to hear from people. i love how the one woman screams. you know what happens when they're hitting on the men, i don't know if you noticed that. >> i did not notice until just now. >> thank for pointing that out. >> shouldn't have trouble to get the guinness railroaded, no previous record for mattress dm nos exists. >> that's bizarre. >> i don't know why the end of this video turns into a benny hill skit. >> i think we should try this here on the plaza. everyone here at fox, it'd only be like 12 of is, but it'd still be good fun. >> i think you just want to lay down on the mattress, that's what i'm learning right now. >> that's what he's angling for. >> you're going to trust us, fall backwards
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2